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Sports Childhood Day Mile

Half a million children a year suffer abuse in the UK. That's the equivalent of filling Wembley Stadium over 5 times and means 7 children in a classroom experience abuse before they turn 18. This can’t go on – and it doesn’t have to. Together, we can stop child abuse.

The NSPCC has been working to prevent child abuse for over 130 years. We’ve helped change laws, empowered children and stopped abuse for millions. But we can’t stop there. We know the only way we can keep all of our children safe is if we all come together now. Strong communities keep children safe. Thousands of individual people playing their part and doing what’s right.

That’s why we created Childhood Day – a day that brings everyone in the UK together to have fun and help protect children. Whether you join in through the Childhood Day Mile, donating, or volunteering – all we ask is that you do something.

This Childhood Day, play your part with a gift to help keep children safe.

Last year, we received 67,000 contacts to the NSPCC Helpline from people with concerns about a child’s welfare. Help us respond when people reach out. Give just £10 and you could help us answer more calls to the NSPCC Helpline.

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